The Bombardier Q400 Interior is designed / put together by Bombardier Aerospace. In 2008 Bombardier released the Bombardier Q400 Nextgen, an updated Q400 with a better quality Q400 interior. The Bombardier Q400 interior for the Q400 Nextgen has larger bins that can hold 2 roller bags (10.5 inches by 16 inches). The bin doors inside the Bombardier Q400 interior can now open up to 10.5 inches. The Bombardier Q400 overhead storage bins can accommodate 50 roller bags with 74 passengers. This makes bringing carry-on luggage easier because of the newer bins. Some older Q400 will have older overhead bins that may be smaller. If your carry on luggage can not fit in the overhead compartment, many airlines will allow you to gate check your bags. Gate checking your bags occurs at the gate where an agent tags your bags and is then loaded on to the aircraft at the gate. Some airlines will have your luggage ready to be picked up at the gate as soon as you leave the aircraft.
The interior for the Bombardier Q400 Nextgen has recessed windows blind handles and dished / recessed sidewalls giving better visibility outside. LED lighting has also been introduced in the Q400 interior for the Bombardier Q400 Nextgen aircraft.

Those items listed above are the main changes for the Bombardier Q400 cabin on the New Q400 Nextgen turboprop aircraft. Here are some things that remained the same for all Bombardier Q400 interiors: Same seating configurations available, Noise suppression with the Q400 ANVS - Active Noise and Vibration Suppression system, one full lavatory and other items. The lavatory (Bathroom) that is apart of the Bombardier Q400 interior includes a sink and a regular lavatory - bathroom. On most configurations of the Bombardier Q400 aircraft cabin there is a closet located in the front for storing carry on items.

Bombardier Q400 Interior Dimensions:

  • Q400 Interior Height: 76.7 Inches (in) - 6.39 Feet (ft) - 1.95 Meters (m)
  • Bombardier Q400 cabin Floor Width: 79.9 Inches (in) - 6.66 Feet (ft) - 2.03 Meters (m)
  • Bombardier Q400 Interior Mid-Cabin (at windows) Width: 98.8 Inches (in) - 8.23 Feet (ft) - 2.51 Meters (m)
  • Bombardier Q400 Interior Aisle (walkway) width: 15.7 Inches (in) - 1.31 Feet (ft) - 0.40 Meters (m)

If you like to learn more about the seating plans for the Bombardier Q400 or the Q400 Seat Maps visit those pages on the website.

Other Names For The Aircraft and the Interior
The Bombardier Q400 is also known as the following:

  • DeHavilland Dash-8-400 Interior: This is the original name for the regional turboprop aircraft. More on this name can be found on the Dash-8-400 page.
  • Bombardier DH4 Interior: DH4 is the IATA code for the aircraft. More info on the Q400 IATA code is found here.
  • DH8D Interior: DH8D is the Q400's ICAO code that is used by companies and regulators to identify the aircraft. The learn more about the code visit the DH8D aircraft page.
  • De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Interior: DHC-8-400 is the official model name for the aircraft. More information is found on this page.

Bombardier Q400 Interior Photo

Above Bombardier Q400 Interior photo by Anirudh Emani on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License