Bombardier Q400 Fuel Burn - Consumption

The Bombardier Q400 is one of the more fuel efficient regional commercial aircraft flying today. Bombardier Q400 Fuel Burn is around 712 US Gallons or 4,768 pounds (2,163 Kilograms) when flying 600 nautical miles at 18,000 feet (Flight Level / FL180) at "high speed" intermediate speed cruise (ISC) This equates to 1.187 gallons per mile or 0.843 nautical miles per gallon. When flying this same trip at a "fuel saving" option achieving maximum cruise range speed (MRC) that yields a slower block time of 157.3 minutes, the Q400 fuel consumption is around 664 US Gallons or 4,447 Pounds (2,017 Kilograms). This yields a Q400 fuel burn of 1.107 gallons per nautical mile or 0.904 nautical miles per gallon. By taking these two fuel burn numbers you get an approximate range of 1.107 to 1.187 gallons per nautical mile fuel consumption.

The Q400 at 25,000 Feet (FL250) and Above.

When the Bombardier Q400 Turboprop cruises at 25,000 feet or Flight Level 250 (FL250) it has lower fuel consumption. Bombardier has also gained certification for the Q400 to fly at FL270 (27,000 feet). At high speed cruise (HSC) on 600 nautical mile trip this equals, approximately, a 3 percent fuel savings when compared to flying at FL250.

More information on the Q400 turboprop can be found here on site by visiting the other pages.

Bombardier Q400 Fuel Burn Page Photo

Above Q400 Photo by Milad A380 on Wikimedia Commons, Modified by FlyRadius. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

Other "Names" for the Bombardier Q400 Fuel Burn Information
The Bombardier Q400 aircraft has few other names that it is called by. This is due to changes in the name for the airplane and other names that are used for other purposes. Here are the following names:

  1. Bombardier DH4 Aircraft Fuel Burn: "DH4" is the Q400s IATA code that is primarily used by airlines to identify the aircraft. Learn more on the DH4 page.
  2. Bombardier DH8D Aircraft Fuel Burn: "DH8D" is the ICAO code for the airplane and is used by airlines, air traffic control and others. To learn more about this name visit the DH8D aircraft page.
  3. De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Fuel Burn: This is the model name for the turboprop. De Havilland was a division of Bombardier that built the aircraft. The De Havilland name is not used any more in marketing by Bombardier, so it is called the Bombardier DHC-8-400 fuel burn. DHC-8-400 is the official model name for the turboprop that is used by aviation regulators to identify the aircraft.
  4. De Havilland Dash-8-400 Fuel Burn: the Dash-8-400 name is the name that was previously given to the aircraft by Bombardier. The Q400 was apart of the Dash-8 series program of turboprops. Bombardier then decided to change the name of those aircraft to the Q series turboprops and the Dash-8-400 became the Bombardier Q400. More on the Dash-8-400 can be found here.

Data on the Bombardier Q400 turboprop's fuel burn was derived from Bombardier's Q400 Fuel Efficiency Manual.

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