Bombardier Learjet 45 XR For Sale

Currently a Learjet 45 XR for sale that is new is priced in the $11 million range. Also note that on May 14, 2012 Bombardier Learjet introduced the replacement for the Learjet 45, the Learjet 75. The Learjet 75 will replace the Learjet 45 in Bombardier Learjet's product line.

A Learjet 45 XR for sale in the used aircraft market usually ranges from $4.5 million to $10 million, depending on the age, hours flown and options on the Learjet 45 XR for sale. Also note that some older Learjet 45s that were not built from the factory as a Learjet 45 XR, have the XR engine upgrade. This gives older Learjet 45s, Learjet 45 XR performance. These Learjet 45 XR jets for sale can be priced as low as $2.95 million.

If you have a Learjet 45 XR for sale, contact our Aviation Resources team to learn how you can post your Learjet 45 XR at no cost.

The Learjet 45 XR For Sale is also known as the Learjet 45XR For Sale and the Learjet 45-XR For Sale.

Learjet 45 XR For Sale Photo

Above Bombardjer Learjet 45 XR For Sale Page Photo by Josh Beasley on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.