Here on this page, our team reviews the type rating for the Bombardier Learjet 45/45 XR and training options for the light jet. The page is split into two parts with the first section covering the type rating and the second section reviewing training options for pilots and mechanics.

Bombardier Learjet 45 Type Rating

The Learjet 45 Type Rating is available from many providers. The main Learjet 45 type rating provider is Bombardier Learjet’s authorized training provider, CAE. CAE took over training operations from Bombardier in 2019. With the transition, CAE has control of all of the training facilities that were operated by Bombardier.

CAE has its training facility in Dallas, Texas and offers full Learjet 45 type rating courses. FlightSafety International is another provider of the Learjet 45 type rating. FlightSafety's Wichita Learjet, Atlanta, and Tuscon locations all provide training for the type rating. At those locations, FlightSafety provides initial and recurrent training for the light jet. Also, all places provide Learjet 45 XR type ratings since the XR is just an upgraded version of the Learjet 45.

Type Rating Overview

The Learjet 45 type rating follows Airline Transport Pilot standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Obtaining a Learjet 45 type rating will also qualify you for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license or you can apply the course to currency requirements. Most type ratings follow ATP standards, which allows you to obtain an ATP license at the same time. Also, the Learjet 45 type rating will allow you to fly the Learjet 45 XR. The Learjet 45 XR type rating is covered because the aircraft are very similar.

The Learjet 45 type rating also applies to the Learjet 40 because it is built under the Learjet 45's type certificate. The Learjet 45 type rating is officially designated as the LJ45 type rating by the FAA.

The Bombardier Learjet 75 and 70 are also covered under the same type rating. The FAA calls for computer simulator training and other transition learning to be fully able to fly the 75/70

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Learjet 45 Type Rating Photo

Above photo of a Learjet 45 on the ground by Avitya on Wikimedia Commons.

Bombadier Learjet 45 Training

Since the Learjet 45 has been on the market for decades, there are quite a few Learjet 45 training providers. The main Learjet 45 training provider is CAE, which is the manufacturer authorized Learjet 45 training provider. CAE provides Learjet 45 training at its Dallas, Texas location and gives full instruction for pilots and maintenance technicians. More information about their programs can be found on their website here.

Another Learjet 45 training provider is FlightSafety International. FlightSafety provides Learjet 45 training at it's dedicated Wichita Learjet location, Atlanta, and Tucson. For pilots, they offer initial and recurrent training for the Learjet 45. Also, FlightSafety provides Learjet 45 maintenance training for aircraft maintenance technicians.

Most Learjet 45 training courses will provide training for the Learjet 45 XR and Learjet 40. The Learjet 45 XR training is the same as Learjet 45 training because the aircraft are essentially the same. The only differences are in the engines and operating performance. Learjet 40 training will also most likely be combined with the Learjet 45 because the Learjet 40 is built under the Learjet 45's type certificate and is just a smaller version of the Learjet 45. The FAA does not require much training other than a handout covering the differences according to the administration’s Flight Standardization Report on the aircraft.

Also, note that the Learjet 45 training is also called the LJ45 Training.

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Bombardier Learjet 45 Training Page Photo of a 45 Landing

Above Learjet 45 Training Page photo by MilborneOne on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.