Bombardier Learjet 45 Type Rating

The Learjet 45 Type Rating is available from many providers. The main Learjet 45 type rating provider is Bombardier Learjet. Learjet has their own training facility in Dallas, Texas and offers full Learjet 45 type rating courses. FlightSafety International is another provider of the Learjet 45 type rating. FlightSafety's Wichita Learjet, Atlanta and Tuscon locations all provide training for the Learjet 45 type rating. At those locations, FlightSafety provides initial and recurrent training for the Learjet 45.

The Learjet 45 type rating follows Airline Transport Pilot standards set by the FAA. Obtaining an Learjet 45 type rating will also qualify you for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license or you can apply the course to currency requirements. Most type ratings follow ATP standards, which allows you to obtain an ATP license at the same time. Also the Learjet 45 type rating will allow you to fly the Learjet 45 XR. The Learjet 45 XR type rating is covered because the aircraft are very similar.

The Learjet 45 type rating also applies to the Learjet 40 because it is built under the Learjet 45's type certificate. The Learjet 45 type rating is also called the LJ45 Type Rating.

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Learjet 45 Type Rating Photo