In this article, our team and David Aughinbaugh II review the details of the Bombardier Learjet 45 landing gear.

As with all aircraft, the landing gear is an important part of everyday operations. For the Learjet 45, Héroux-Devtek is the manufacturer of the landing gear. Héroux-Devtek only designs and builds the main landing gear. Goodrich builds the wheels and brakes for the Learjet 45 landing gear.

Landing Gear System Overview

The Learjet 45 and Learjet 45 XR landing gear is a hydraulic based gear in a tricycle configuration. The landing gears all have hydraulic shock strut gears for both the main and the nose. The main gear (rear landing gear) has a trailing-link design. There are two wheels and brakes on each gear. There are four muli-disk carbon brakes on the main landing gear. The nose gear has a chined tire to help prevent splashing into the engines. The nose wheel is steerable and is controlled by the steering controller electronically. In emergencies, the landing gear can be extended using a free-fall system when there is an electrical or hydraulic failure.

Landing Gear Operation

The operation of the landing gear for the aircraft is primarily controlled by the Landing Gear Control switch in the cockpit. It is a lever-lock type of control that moves up and down. The landing gear system uses electronic controls that send a signal to solenoids which allow for hydraulic pressure to be applied to the landing gear system components. The Learjet 45’s pilot manual has more information on the overall process the system takes to move the landing gear into the down and up positions. The gear retracts in 11 seconds with two main pumps active and 18 seconds on the auxiliary pump. Gear extension takes 11 seconds on the two main pumps and 35 seconds on the auxiliary pump.

Bombardier Learjet 45 XR Landing Gear Parts

Parts for the landing gear can be found from the many maintenance organizations that provide service for the jet. If you need help finding information on a Learjet 45 landing gear for sale or lease, please feel free to contact our team to see if we can help.

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The Learjet 45 Landing Gear is also referred to as the Bombardier Learjet 45 XR Landing Gear and the LJ45 Landing Gear.

Learjet 45 Landing Gear Photo

Above Learjet 45 Landing Gear Page Photo by redlegsfan21 on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.