Bombardier Learjet designed the Learjet 45 interior to be one of the most comfortable and capable in its class. Learjet has paid attention to quality and detail in the Learjet 45 cabin. Most of the Learjet 45 interior options are fully customizable. Cabin configurations of the Learjet 45 cabin have 8 seats with 2 folding tables located between sets of 4 seats. Learjet 45 XR interiors have a dual-zone climate control system, so the cabin and the cockpit can have different settings. 16 windows are located in the Learjet 45 cabin giving passengers multiple views of the scenery. Also, the 16 windows allow more light to enter the cabin. A lavatory or toilet is located at the rear of the Learjet 45 interior. The Learjet 45 lavatory - toilet area also has a sink with running water. Located across from the lavatory is the Learjet 45 cabin's baggage area. The interior baggage area has a volume of 15 cubic feet and can hold up to 150 pounds of cargo. Bombardier Learjet's attention to quality has made factory Learjet 45 interior one of the best.

Below, you can view photos of the interior of the cabin.

Learjet 45 XR Interior - Cabin

The Learjet 45 XR Interior is almost the same as the regular Learjet 45 interior. Since the Learjet 45 XR is newer than the Learjet 45, its cabin has newer materials making it slightly better than a regular Learjet 45. The Learjet 45 XR cabin has the same features as described above.

Also note that the Learjet 45 cabin can be modified in the aftermarket to the owners liking and can have more features/designs than described above.

Learjet 45 Interior Cabin Photo

Above Bombardier Learjet 45 Interior Photo by Bombardier. Used under the fair use provision.

Cabin Dimensions

The dimensions for the cabin are listed below. You can also view the dimensions on our specification – dimensions page here.

Key: ft = feet, ft2 = feet squared, ft3 = feet cubed, m = meters, m2 = meters squared, m3 = meters cubed

  • Cabin length: 19.75 ft (6.02 m) (from cockpit divider to end of pressurized compartment)
  • Cabin width: 5.12 ft (1.56 m) (centerline)
  • Cabin width: 3.2 ft (0.98 m) (floorline)
  • Cabin height: 4.92 ft (1.50 m)
  • Floor area: 66 ft2 (6.13 m2) (excluding cockpit)
  • Cabin volume: 410 ft3 (11.61 m3) (from cockpit divider to end of pressurized compartment)

Bombardier Learjet 45 XR Interior Cabin photo with brown seats and carpets

Above Learjet 45 XR Interior or Cabin photo by on Wikimedia Commons. The image has been enhanced by FlyRadius and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.