Bombardier Learjet 45 - 45 XR For Sale - Price

The Bombardier Learjet 45 is a light jet that was produced by Bombardier Learjet up to 2012 when the aircraft was replaced with the Learjet 75 in the manufacturer's lineup. In this article, we go over the Bombardier Learjet 45 for sale market for the original version of the aircraft and the second version of the jet, the Bombardier Learjet 45 XR. The Bombardier Learjet 45 price for both versions of the jet (45 XR) are also reviewed. If you have a Learjet 45 for sale, you can list it here also.

Bombardier Learjet 45 For Sale Market and Overview

New Aircraft

The Bombardier Learjet 45 is no longer produced by Learjet and a new aircraft can not be purchased from the company. The last version of the aircraft that was produced by the company was the Learjet 45 XR.

Bombardier Learjet 45 Price – New Aircraft

While the Bombardier Learjet 45 was still in production, the cost for a new version of the jet was around $11 million (United States Dollars – USD). That was the Bombardier Learjet 45 XR price as that was the version of the jet that the company was selling at the time.

Learjet 45 For Sale Photo

Above Learjet 45 For Sale Page Photo by Josh Beasley on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

The New Version of the Learjet 45

In 2012, Bombardier replaced the Learjet 45 with the Learjet 75. The Bombardier Learjet 75 is a new version of the jet that has an upgraded avionics suite.

Bombardier Learjet 45 Used Market

To obtain a Learjet 45, an individual will have to purchase one in the used aircraft marketplace. Popular places where aircraft brokers and sellers post aircraft for sale include Controller and Aircraft Shopper Online (ASO). You can also list your aircraft here on this page at no cost. Just contact us here and will get you set up.

More information on the pricing of the aircraft in the used market can be found below in our price section.

Bombardier Learjet 45 Price – Used Market

In July 2019, we looked at the listings for Learjet 45 aircraft on the major aircraft listing sites and collected the following data on the price of a Learjet 45 and 45 XR in the used marketplace.

  • Average list price: $2,454,062.50 (2.454 million United States Dollars).
  • Lowest advertised price: $1.25 million (1999 Learjet 45)
  • Highest advertised price: $4.45 million (2010 Learjet 45 XR)

Bombardier Learjet 45 XR Price

The above statistics contain information for the regular 45 and the 45 XR versions of the jet. To break up the data and only show what the Bombardier Learjet 45 XR price is we have compiled the following statistics on the Learjet 45 XR market:

  • Average list price: $3,625,714.29 (3.626 million United States Dollars).
  • Lowest advertised price: $2.750 million (2007 Learjet 45 XR)
  • Highest advertised price: $4.45 million (2010 Learjet 45 XR)

A new Learjet 45 XR from the factory was going for around $11 million (USD) at the time the aircraft was being produced. Bombardier Business Aircraft no longer produces the Learjet 45 XR. The company replaced the 45XR with Learjet 75 in 2013.

To learn more about the Bombardier Learjet 45, please visit the other pages on the site that cover specific areas of the jet.

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