DH8D Aircraft

The DH8D is a 4 place alphanumeric code used by air traffic controllers to identify the Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft. The DH8D is also known as the DeHavilland Dash-8-400, the largest Dash-8 aircraft. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) designates the alphanumeric code for the Bombardier Q400. Overall the DH8D is one of the fastest turboprop aircraft built, traveling at 415 mph at cruise speeds.

To Learn more about the DH8D (Known as the Bombardier Q400 or De Havilland Canada Dash-8-400) Visit the following Bombardier Q400 pages on the FlyRadius Website:

Information about the DH8D Turboprop:

The DH8D Turboprop is currently built at Bombardier's Facility located on the Toronto Downsview airport. The DH8D Turboprop engines are powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A engine. The DH8D engine, PW150A, is specifically made for the DH8D Turboprop Aircraft and is not used on any other aircraft.

DH8D Aircraft Photo

Above: Photo of the DH8D Aircraft (Bombardier Q400DH8D Photo by: Alasdair McLellan on Wikimedia Commons. Released under a Creative Commons License.

DH8D Turboprop Interior:

The DH8D Interior has been upgraded by Bombardier as part of the Bombardier Q400 Nextgen or De Havilland Dash-8-400 Nextgen turboprop. To learn more about the DH8D interior visit the Bombardier Q400 Interior page.

DH8D Aircraft Safety Record:

The DH8D safety record has been very good worldwide. To learn more about the DH8D safety record visit our Bombardier Q400 Safety Record page, which has detailed information on the DH8D Safety Record.

DH8D Aircraft Price:

The DH8D price is in the $20 million Dollar (USD) range. To learn more about the DH8D aircraft price visit our Bombardier Q400 Price page.

DH8D Operators:

There are 32 DH8D operators worldwide as of October 2, 2011. To see all of the DH8D Turboprop Operators visit our Bombardier Q400 Operators page, which has a list of all the operators of the DH8D.

DH8D Seating Plan and the DH8D Seat Map - Seating Configuration:

To see all the DH8D seating plans of the various airlines that operate the DH8D turboprop visit our Bombardier Q400 Seating Plan page.

To see the DH8D seat map, seating chart, and seating configuration visit our Bombardier Q400 Seat Map - Seating Chart page.

DH8D Landing Gear:

Here on FlyRadius, you can learn about the DH8D landing gear. To get the full details on the DH8D landing gear visit our Bombardier Q400 Landing Gear page. This page has detailed information on the operation of the DH8D landing gear and some of the DH8D landing gear problems.

DH8D Propeller - Dowty R408:

The DH8D propeller is the Dowty R408 a six blade propeller built by Dowty a GE Aviation company. To learn more about the DH8D Turboprop propeller visit our Bombardier Q400 Propeller - Dowty R408 page, which has the specifications, dimensions, and details on the DH8D Propellers.

DH8D Cockpit and Flight Deck:

The DH8D Cockpit - Flight Deck has 5 LCD screens displaying all the avionics information. To get the full details on the DH8D Cockpit and Flight Deck visit the Bombardier Q400 Cockpit - Flight Deck page.

DH8D Range:

The DH8D range is around 1,756 sm (Statute Miles) depending on the configuration of the DH8D aircraft. To learn about the full details on the DH8D turboprop range go to the Bombardier Q400 Range page on our site.

DH8D Type Rating:

The DH8D type rating is offered by many companies worldwide, with FlightSafety International being the main provider of the DH8D type rating. To get the full facts on the DH8D turboprop type rating go to the Bombardier Q400 type rating page.

To learn all about the DH8D turboprop use the Bombardier Q400 Information pages because the DH8D is the Bombardier Q400.

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