Bombardier CRK Aircraft

The Bombardier CRK Aircraft is the Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen regional jet. The CRK code is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code used by airlines and travel agents to identify the aircraft in their ticket sales distribution systems and flight schedules. This code for the CRJ1000 is not used by aviation regulators like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You may see the Bombardier CRK code used in flight schedules and ticket booking systems. "CRK" is simply a shorthand code for the CRJ1000 airplane. Also you may see it be called the Canadair CRK because the orginal CRJ series jets (CRJ100/200) were built under the Canadair name.

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The Bombardier CRK Aircraft

Above CRK Aircraft photo By Aero Icarus on Flickr. Photo (Only) Released under a Creative Commons License.

Bombardier CRK Information

  • An overview page on the CRJ-1000 aircraft. Learn about the history of the CRK jet and more.

Bombardier CRK Specifications

  • Detailed information on the CRK specifications.

Bombardier CRK Dimensions

  • Details on the CRJ1000 dimensions for the aircraft.

Bombardier CRK Engine - GE CF34-8C5A1 CF34-8C5A2

  • Information on the CRJ1000's engines, which are the General Electric CF34-8C5 series engines.

Bombardier CRK Range

  • Range information on the CRK's range on all variants of the regional jet.

Bombardier CRK ER NextGen

  • The CRJ1000 ER is an extended range version of the jet. This extra range is accomplished through and increase in payload capacity. Learn about this version of the jet on this page.

Bombardier CRK Interior - Cabin

  • See the interior of the CRJ1000 airplane and learn about the features and amenities aboard the jet.

Bombardier CRK Operators

  • Learn about all the operators of the CRJ1000 around the world. Currently there are only 4 airlines that operate this regional aircraft.

Bombardier CRK Price

  • Learn about pricing for the CRJ1000 aircraft here.

Bombardier CRK Performance

  • Details on the performance of the CRK regional jet are located at this page.

Bombardier CRK Orders

  • Learn about the total orders for the Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen and who has ordered them.

Bombardier CRK NextGen

  • Learn what the NextGen designation means for the CRK.

Bombardier CRK Cockpit - Flight Deck

  • See the cockpit of the jet and learn about the components located in the flight deck.

Bombardier CRK Seat Map - Seating Chart

  • Here on the you can see the seat map of the CRJ1000 for the airlines that operate the aircraft. Many airlines equip the jet with 100 economy class seats.

Bombardier CRK Air France HOP!

  • The Air France HOP! CRJ 1000 page lists information on Air France's HOP! Operation and their history with the CRJ1000 aircraft.

Bombardier CRK Brit Air

  • Learn about Brit Air's operation of the CRJ1000 airplane.

Bombardier CRK Air Nostrum

  • Find out about Air Nostrum's CRJ1000 jets and their history with the aircraft.

Bombardier CRK Iberia Regional

  • Details on the Iberia Regional CRJ1000, which is operated by Air Nostrum.

Bombardier CRK Delta

  • Find out if Delta Air Lines / Delta Connection operates the CRJ1000 here.

Bombardier CRK Garuda Indonesia

Bombardier CRK Lufthansa

  • Does Lufthansa operate the CRJ1000 jet? Find out if they do at the page listed above.

Bombardier CRK Fuel Burn - Fuel Consumption

Bombardier CRK Landing Gear

Bombardier CRK Type Rating