Skywest CRJ900

SkyWest is a regional airline that operates aircraft for airlines in the United States. SkyWest operates CRJ900s for Delta under the Delta Connection name. Skywest operates their CRJ900 jets out of Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis for Delta. A SkyWest CRJ900 has 76 seats in a three class configuration, which is the standard Delta CRJ900 configuration. To learn more about the configuration of a SkyWest CRJ900 visit our Delta CRJ 900 page.

Expressjet CRJ900 – Atlantic Southeast Airlines CRJ900 (ASA)

In 2005 Skywest bought Atlantic Southeast Airlines from Delta, which was also an operator of the Bombardier CRJ900. In 2010 Skywest, Inc completed it's acquisition of Expressjet and then merged Atlantic Southeast Airlines and Expressjet into one subsidiary called Expressjet in 2011.

Expressjet is also an operator of CRJ900 jets for Delta that is owned by SkyWest. All CRJ900s are in the standard Delta CRJ900 configuration. The Expressjet CRJ900 airplanes primarily operate out of Atlanta, Minneapolis and Detroit.

A Skywest CRJ900 is also called a Skywest CRJ9, Skywest CR9, Skywest CL-600-2D24, Skywest Canadair CL-600-2D24, Skywest CRJ 900 or the Skywest Canadair Regional Jet 900 due to the various names for the CRJ900 regional jet.

SkyWest CRJ900 Photo

Above SkyWest Bombardier CRJ900 page photo by Cory Barnes on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.