Mesa Airlines CRJ900

Mesa Airlines operates Bombardier CRJ900 regional jets for US Airways under the US Airways Express brand name. Previously Mesa Airlines operated CRJ900 jets for America West and remained a operator of CRJ900 aircraft for US Airways after the merger of America West and US Airways. These aircraft were operated under the Freedom Airlines subsidiary that Mesa had. Mesa Airlines CRJ900 jets were also operated for Delta under Freedom Airlines, until Delta canceled their contract with Mesa in 2008. These CRJ900s were owned by Delta and not Mesa.

Currently Mesa Airlines CRJ900 regional jets are operated out of US Airways hubs in Phoenix, Arizona (ICAO: KPHX) and Charlotte, North Carolina (ICAO: KCLT). The Mesa CRJ900s are configured with 79 seats total. There is a first class section that has 9 seats located at the front and 70 economy class seats inside the Mesa Airlines CRJ900.

Mesa Airlines CRJ900 Photo

Above Mesa Airlines CRJ900 Photo by Ralf Roletschek on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

A Mesa Airlines CRJ900 is also called a Mesa Airlines CRJ9, Mesa Airlines CR9, Mesa Airlines CL-600-2D24, Mesa Airlines Canadair CL-600-2D24, Mesa Airlines CRJ 900 or the Mesa Airlines Canadair Regional Jet 900 due to the various names for the CRJ900 regional jet.