Iberia CRJ900

Iberia CRJ900

An Iberia CRJ900 is operated by Air Nostrum for Iberia. The Air Nostrum CRJ900 is operated under the Iberia Regional name. The Iberia CRJ900 has a total of 90 seats in an economy class configuration. As with most regional airlines, Air Nostrum operates the Iberia CRJ900 out of some of the hubs in the Iberia network.

Iberia CRJ900 Photo

Above Iberia CRJ900 photo by Gerry Stegmeier on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2.

The Iberia CRJ900 is also called the Iberia CRJ9, Iberia CR9, Iberia CL-600-2D24, Iberia Canadair CL-600-2D24, Iberia CRJ 900 or the Iberia Canadair Regional Jet 900 due to the various names for the CRJ900 jet.

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