Bombardier CRJ900 APU - RE220 RJ

Bombardier CRJ900 APU - RE220 RJ

The Bombardier CRJ900 APU is the Honeywell RE220 RJ (Officially spelled as the Honeywell RE220[RJ]). This is the same Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that is used on the CRJ700 jet. Formerly the Honeywell RE220 RJ was called the AlliedSignal RE220 RJ, before the merger or Honeywell and AlliedSignal. Below are the CRJ900 Auxiliary Power Unit specifications for the RE220 RJ.

Bombardier CRJ900 APU Specifications:
APU Limits: Maximum RPM: 106%
Maximum EGT: °C °F
Starting: 692-1038 °C 1274-1900 °F
Running-Ground*: 789 °C 1452 °F
Running-Flight*: 806 °C 1482 °F
Notes from the FAA Type Certificate for the above data:
* Dependent upon altitude and temperature. Refer to AFM (CSP C-012)
** Not to be exceeded under any operating condition.
*** Refer to AFM for detail limitations

Bombardier CRJ900 APU Dimensions (Honeywell RE220[RJ] APU Dimensions):
Weight (Includes Accessories): 238.0 lb (108.0 kg)
Exhaust Area: 95.0 in2 (613.1 cm2)
Inlet Area: 105.0 in2 (677.4 cm2)

Certified to start and operate at flight levels up to 43,000 feet.
Provides bleed air at 56 psi for main engine starting and environmental control.
45kW electrical power generator.


MIL-T-5624 (JP-4, JP-5 & JP-8)
ASTM D1655 (Jet A, A-1 &B)

MIL-L-7808, MIL-L23699
Output Pad(s):

Special Configuration for Direct Mounting of Oil-Cooled Generator
Output Pad Speed/Direction of Rotation:

12,000 rpm/ccw (Facing Pad)
Rated EGT:

1299F (703.8C)
Rotor Speed:
45,585 rpm

The Bombardier CRJ900 APU is also called Bombardier CRJ9 APU, Bombardier CR9 APU, Bombardier CL-600-2D24 APU, Canadair CL-600-2D24 APU or the Canadair Regional Jet 900 APU due to the various names for the CRJ900 jet.

Bombardier CRJ900 APU RE220 RJ Photo

Above Bombardier CRJ900 APU RE220 RJ photo by Honeywell. Copyright Honeywell, used under the fair use provision.

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