United Express CRJ700

One of the CRJ700 operators is United Express. United Express CRJ700 flights are not operated directly by United Airlines. All United Airlines CRJ700 s are operated/owned by regional airlines contracted out to operate flights for United. Currently United is using Skywest, GoJet Airlines and Mesa Airlines to operate the United CRJ700 flights. Most of the CRJ700 flights at United are operated out of United's hubs in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Washington – Dulles.

United Express CRJ700 Seating
Seating in the United CRJ700 is configured in a two class configuration. CRJ700s with United Express have first class seating in the first two rows. The first class United CRJ700 seats are configured in a 2 by 2 configuration with 37 inches of seat pitch and 19 inches of seat width. There are a total of 6 first class seats onboard a United Express CRJ700.

60 seats are configured in a Economy Class configuration with 28 seats having a United Economy Plus configuration (more legroom). Rows 3-9 and 12 are Economy Plus seats. Regular economy seats have a seat pitch of 31 inches.

There are a total of 66 seats in a United CRJ700.

Below is a United Express CRJ700 seat map.

United Express CRJ700 Seat Map Photo

United Express CRJ700 Photo

Above United Airlines CRJ700 Photo by redlegsfan21 on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.