Bombardier CRJ700 Range

The Bombardier CRJ700 range depends on the type of CRJ700 the aircraft is. There are 3 types of CRJ700s the regular version, the ER version and the LR version. The CRJ700 range for the regular CRJ700 is 1,434 nautical miles, 1,650 statute miles or 2,655 kilometers. Range for the CRJ700ER is extended to 1,732 nautical miles, 1,993 statute miles or 3,208 kilometers. Bombardier further extended the Bombardier CRJ700 range with the CRJ700LR, which has a range of 2,000 nautical miles.

Bombardier has published a variety of CRJ700 range numbers over the years. The range numbers above come from the Bombardier Regional Family Handbook. The above maximum range numbers account for FAA FAR 121 fuel reserves, 70 passengers at 220 lb each, baggage, ISA conditions and operating at Long Range Cruse speed (LRC).

Bombardier CRJ700 NextGen Range
Bombardier is also reporting different range numbers for the CRJ700 NextGen aircraft.
have range Below is an overview of the Bombardier CRJ700 NextGen Range for the three types of CRJ700 aircraft.

  • Bombardier CRJ700 NextGen Range: 1,302 nautical miles, 1,498 statute miles or 2,411 kilometers
  • CRJ700ER NextGen Range: 1,590 nautical miles, 1,830 statute miles or 2,945 kilometers
  • CRJ700LR NextGen Range: 1,840 nautical miles, 2,117 statute miles or 3,408 kilometers

As you can see, the CRJ700 NextGen has lower range in comparison to the original CRJ700 aircraft. Also note that Bombardier has published a few different range numbers for the CRJ700 NextGen. The above numbers came from the CRJ700 NextGen fact sheet published by Bombardier.

A Bombardier CRJ700 Range Map will be posted at a later time.

Bombardier CRJ700 Range Page Photo

Above Bombardier CRJ700 Range Page Photo by Milad A380 on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

Bombardier CRJ700 range is also referred to as the Canadair CRJ700 range, Canadair Regional Jet 700 range and the Bombardier CL-600-2C10 range.