Bombardier CRJ700 Price

The Bombardier CRJ700 price for a new CRJ700 (Bombardier CRJ700 NextGen Price) is around $35-37 million dollars according to list prices released by Bombardier. The CRJ700 price will depend on the deal an airline has reached with Bombardier. Bombardier does not report the actual deal price of the aircraft sold to airlines. Most airlines will get a better deal then the list prices that are reported in press releases.

Bombardier CRJ700 Price - Used
The pricing for a used Bombardier CRJ700 is usually in the $20+- million dollar range. Some CRJ700 can be offered as low as $10 million. Used CRJ700s are harder to gauge because most companies do not post resale prices for the CRJ700 regional jet. The pricing for a used CRJ700 will depend on condition and age of the aircraft. Pricing will also fluctuate with the used aircraft market for the CRJ700.

For reference: The Bombardier CRJ700 price is also referred to as the Canadair CRJ700 price, Canadair Regional Jet 700 price and the CL-600-2C10 price because of different names for the aircraft.

Bombardier CRJ700 Price Page Photo

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