Bombardier CRJ700 Overhead Bins

The Bombardier CRJ700 overhead bins are famous for their size in comparison to other commercial aircraft. In comparison to the CRJ200, the CRJ700 overhead bins are improved over the CRJ200. Bombardier CRJ700 overhead bin size is 52.5 inches width, 14 inches in height and 9.5 inches in depth (Bombardier CRJ700 Overhead Bin Dimensions).

Bombardier CRJ700 NextGen Overhead Bins
With the introduction of the CRJ700 NextGen, Bombardier upgraded the CRJ700 overhead bins. CRJ700 NextGen aircraft have a new bin that has a length optimized to maximize storage space of bags and can carry 40% more weight. The overhead bins also have a larger door opening that measures 10.5 inches. This bigger opening can fit a 16 inch wide by 10 inch thick bag. These CRJ700 bins should provide greater convenience for passengers.

Bombardier CRJ700 Carry On:

Most airlines allow carry on baggage that can not fit in the overhead bins to be gate checked at not cost. To learn more about this service visit the airlines' website to see their specific policies.

Bombardier CRJ700 overhead bins are also referred to as the Canadair CRJ700 overhead bins, Canadair Regional Jet 700 overhead bins and the Bombardier CL-600-2C10 overhead bins because they the CRJ700 jet has other names.

Bombardier CRJ700 Overhead Bins Photo

Above Bombardier CRJ700 Overhead Bins photo by Altairkh on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.