Embraer CRJ700

Embraer CRJ700

If you are looking for the Embraer CRJ700, you are actually looking for the Bombardier CRJ700. The Embraer CRJ700 is not built by Embraer. The CRJ700 is built by Bombardier in Canada. Many may get the manufacturer of the CRJ700 confused because they both build regional jets. To learn more about the "Embraer CRJ700" which is the Bombardier CRJ700 visit our CRJ700 pages on the site.

The Embarer CRJ700 can also be confused as the Embraer CL-600-2C10, when it is actually the Bombardier CL-600-2C10.

Embraer CRJ700

Above Bombardier CRJ700ER page photo by Alexander Prokop on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under a Creative Commons License.

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