The Bombardier CRJ200 performance is relatively good for an aircraft in it's class. It is capable of operating shorter regional routes that are need by airlines around the world. The CRJ200 performance improves upon the CRJ100's performance primary with a newer engine. An optional high temperature flat rating for the CRJ200 engine allows the Bombardier CRJ200 performance to improve in hot and high conditions.

Below are the Bombardier CRJ200 performance numbers:

Bombardier CRJ200 Performance - Range:
Maximum range at Long Range Cruise (LRC):

  • CRJ200 ER FAA 121 (50 pax): 1,345 nm 1,548 sm or 2,491 km
  • CRJ200 LR FAA 121 (50 pax) 1,700 nm 1,956 sm or 3,148 km

Bombardier CRJ200 Performance – Speed:

  • High cruise speed: 464 knots, 534 miles per hour, 860 km/h, 0.81 mach
  • Normal cruise speed: 424 knots, 488 miles per hour, 785 km/h or 0.74 mach

Bombardier CRJ200 Performance – Airfield:
FAR takeoff field length (SL, ISA) at MTOW: 5,800 feet or 1,768 meters.
FAR landing field length (SL) at MLW: 4,850 feet 1,479 meters

FAR takeoff field length (SL, ISA) at MTOW: 6,290 feet or 1,918 meters
FAR landing field length (SL) at MLW: 4,850 feet or 1,479 meters

Bombardier CRJ200 Performance – Ceiling:

  • Maximum operating altitude: 41,000 feet or 12,496 meters
  • Maximum Takeoff Altitude: 10,000 feet

Noise Level

  • Takeoff 77.7
  • Approach 92.1
  • Sideline 82.5
  • Margin to Stage IV 18.7

Airspeed Limits Vmo and Mmo (maximum operating):

  • Sea Level to 8000 ft: 380 mph or 330 knots
  • 8000 ft. to 25400 ft: 386 mph or 335 knots
  • 25400 ft. to 28300 ft: 0.80 Mach
  • 28300 ft. to 31400 ft 362 mph 315 knots
  • 31400 ft. to 41000 ft : 0.85 mach

Vfe (Flaps Extended) 8°: 265 mph 230 knots
20°: 265 mph 230 knots
30° 226 mph 196 knots
45° 220 mph 191 knots

Va (maneuvering)
(See Flight Manual for variation of Va with altitude and aircraft weight).
VLO (Landing Gear Operation) 288 mph 250 knots (extending)
230 mph 200 knots retracting
VLE (Landing Gear Extended): 288 mph 250 knots

Information on this page was gathered from publications created by the manufacturer and from the FAA type certificate for the aircraft.

Bombardier CRJ200 Performance Photo

Above Bombardier CRJ200 Perfomance page photo by Dralon on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

The Bombardier CRJ200 performance is also known as the Bombardier CRJ-200 performance, Bombardier CRJ 200 performance, Bombardier CL-65 performance, Canadair CRJ200 performance, CRJ200 aircraft performance and the Bombardier CL-600-2B19 performance. Those are other names for the jet and include names that used by aviation regulators and prior names for the airplane.