The Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen jet is operated by Air Nostrum, a regional airline based in Spain that operates flights under the Iberia Regional brand. Air Nostrum was one of the launch customers for the CRJ1000 regional jet and took delivery of one of the first two CRJ1000 jets on December 14, 2010. Air Nostrum has the largest order of Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen jets with 35 ordered and 10 delivered as of June 30, 2013 (Bombardier's Order List).

The Air Nostrum CRJ1000 jets have 100 Seats in a one class configuration, which leaves about 31 inches of seat pitch per seat. This is a common configuration among operators of the CRJ1000 regional jet. Below is a seat map for the Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen.

Air Nostrum CRJ1000 NextGen Seat Map

Seat Maps / seating charts of all the airlines that operate the CRJ1000 can be found on the CRJ1000 NextGen Seat Map page.

Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen

Above Air Nostrum Bombardeir CRJ1000 Aircraft photo by Fabrizio Berni on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.


The following naming variations for the Bombardier CRJ1000, Air Nostrum: the airplane is also called the Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen Air Nostrum, Bombardier CL-600-2E25 Air Nostrum, Canadair CL-600-2E25 Air Nostrum, Bombardier CRJX Air Nostrum, Bombardier CRK Air Nostrum, Canadair Regional Jet 1000 Air Nostrum or the Bombardier CRJ 1000 Air Nostrum / CRJ-1000 Air Nostrum (with a space or a dash) due to the various names for the jet aircraft.