The Bombardier Challenger 850 type rating is achieved through the CRJ200 type rating program. This is because the Challenger 850 jet is essentially a CRJ200 that is modified into a business jet. This type certificate is identified as the CL-65 type rating by the FAA. This type rating covers most Bombardier CRJ Series aircraft including the Challenger 850 type rating (excludes the CRJ1000 which has it's own type rating). Differences training may be required depending on the type of CRJ series aircraft trained on. To learn more about the Challenger 850 type rating visit our Bombardier CRJ200 type rating page. That page has more information on the type rating and some of the providers of it.

Bombardier Challenger 850 Training

Since the Challenger 850 is a modified CRJ200, training for the jet can be performed through CRJ200 training providers. Some differences training may be required because the Challenger 850 is operated as a business jet and has extra range that is accomplished with larger and additional fuel tanks. Bombardier may have more information on the training for this jet. Just visit their training website, to learn about their official training options.

Challenger 850 training for maintenance and cabin crew professionals, can also be found at the providers of CRJ200 courses and Bombardier Aerospace.

To learn more about Bombardier Challenger 850 training visit our Bombardier CRJ200 training page to get more details on the process and providers of the Challenger 850 training (accomplished through the CRJ200).

Bombardier Challenger 850 Type Rating Photo

Above Challenger 850 Photo by Konflikty. pl on Wikimedia Commons.