Bombardier Challenger 850 Range

The Challenger 850 range has more range then the comparable CRJ200 jet it is built from. Challenger 850 range is increased from the CRJ200 LR by adding additional fuel capacity and fuel tanks to the aircraft. The result of these additions allow the Challenger 850 to fly much longer routes then the CRJ200 LR, the longest range CRJ200.

Challenger 850 Range Details:
The Bombardier Challenger 850 range is 2,811 nautical miles, 3,235 statute miles or 5,206 kilometers with NBAA IFR fuel reserves and ISA conditions. Also note that there is an extended range Challenger 850 business jet available that has more range with the addition of an auxiliary fuel tank. The range numbers for that jet are listed below.

Bombardier Challenger 850ER Range: 3,100 nautical miles, 3,567 statute miles or 5741 kilometers.

Below is a Bombardier Challenger 850 Range map:

Bombardier Challenger 850 Range Map