Bombardier Challenger 850 Interior - Cabin

The standard Bombardier Challenger 850 interior is capable of seating 14 or more passengers in a customizable cabin arrangement. All Challenger 850 cabins are customized to the customers preferences.

The Bombardier Challenger 850 interior is completed by a variety of companies that include Jet Aviation, which is the factory interior completion selected by Bombardier. Lufthansa Bombardier Aircraft Services / Lufthansa Technik was the previous factory completion provider for the Challenger 850. The Challenger 850 cabin can also be completed by other companies that are approved to design and install Challenger 850 interior components.

CRJ200 Conversions into Bombardier Challenger 850 Interior Styling:
Also note that some CRJ200s have been upgraded to "Challenger 850 interior status" and are sometimes marketed as Challenger 850s. These interiors are completed in the aftermarket, with Flying Colors Corp as one of the main providers of these upgraded CRJ200s. To find out more about these CRJ200s that are upgraded into Challenger 850 cabin styling and features visit our Bombardier CRJ200 Business Jet and VIP page.

Below is a picture of one of the available Bombarder Challenger 850 cabin arrangements and interior styles.

Bombardier Challenger 850 Interior and Cabin Photo

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