Bombardier Challenger 850 For Sale

A new Bombardier Challenger 850 for sale from Bombardier Aerospace has a list price of $31.2 million dollars (USD) according to information from Bombardier press releases. New Challenger 850s for sale likely will have negotiable pricing and can cost less then the listed for sale pricing.

Used Challenger 850 For Sale:

Used Bombardier Challenger 850s for sale can range as low as $7 million to $20 million+. Note that some Challenger 850s for sale are not actually "true Challenger 850s". The Challenger 850 was first delivered on November 6, 2006, any Challenger 850 produced before this date is actually a CRJ200 that was converted by a third party into a CRJ200 business jet. These CRJ200 business jets are commonly referred to as the Bombardier CRJ200 GLS.

If you have a Bombardier Challenger 850 for sale, contact our aviation resources team to learn how you can list your Challenger 850 on this page at no cost.

Bombardier Challenger 850 For Sale Photo

Above Challenger 850 Photo by Konflikty. pl on Wikimedia Commons.