Bombardier Challenger 850 Cockpit – Flight Deck

The Challenger 850 flight deck is exactly the same as CRJ200 jet. The reason they are exactly the same is because the Challenger 850 is the business jet version of the CRJ200 regional jet.

Inside the Challenger 850 cockpit there are two pilot seats and one jumpseat. Two yoke control columns provide pitch control for the jet. The Bombardier Challenger 850 flight deck avionics are powered by the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 avionics suite. Six tube style displays make up the main avionics displays in the Challenger 850 cockpit. A center console is located in the middle of the Challenger 850 cockpit. The center console houses the FMS units, throttle controls, radio controls, flap controls and various switches and buttons for other items. As with all CRJ series aircraft, the Challenger 850 flight deck can also have a head up display or HGS unit. This is an optional item in Challenger 850 cockpits.

You can also read the Bombardier CRJ200 cockpit – flight deck page to see more information on the cockpit.

Bombardier Challenger 850 Cockpit Flight Deck Photo

Above Bombardier Challenger 850 Flight Deck photo by Dmitry Denisenkov on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.