The Boeing 717-200 commercial jet does not have an option for winglets like the Boeing 737 and other airplanes. Boeing 717-200 winglets have not been offered by any retrofit companies at this time. Aviation Partners Boeing previously had a Boeing 717-200 winglet design it was working on in 2003 and 2005, however the product was not released by the company. Winglets on the Boeing 717 would need to save enough fuel to significantly lower costs to be useful and economical. Boeing only produced 156 Boeing 717-200 jets, so there would be a small market for the winglets, however if a retrofit could be produced for all the DC-9 series jets including the Boeing 717, MD-90, MD-80 series, the market would be much larger. A Boeing 717 winglet could be possible if the cost savings and market factors add up to make the product viable. For now the Boeing 717-200 remains with out winglets.

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Boeing 717-200 Winglets Page Photo Volotea Airlines

Above Boeing 717-200 photo by Fabrizio Berni on Wikimedia Commons. Modified by FlyRadius. Photo (only) released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

Other Names for the Boeing 717-200 Winglets
The Boeing 717-200 aircraft has a few different names that it is called by. If you are flying on or learning more about the aircraft you will find the following names for the airplane when looking for the currently unavailable winglets:

  • Boeing B-717-200 Winglets: the B-717 is used by many, including the FAA, to refer to the Aircraft.
  • Boeing B712 Winglets: B712 is the ICAO code for the airplane that is used by air traffic controllers, airlines and others. More information on this will be posted later.
  • Boeing 717 Winglets (with out the -200): Many call the 717-200 just the 717, which is the main aircraft program the plane is in (the only plane in the 717 program). 717 is also the IATA code for the jet aircraft.