Boeing 717-200 Range

The Boeing 717-200 commercial jet is a mainline jet that has range of 1430 to 2,060 nautical miles. The Boeing 717-200 range depends on the version of the aircraft. Boeing produced a Basic Gross Weight (BGW) and High Gross Weight (HGW) version of the aircraft. The difference between the two Boeing 717 versions is that the HGW version has extra fuel tanks installed, this allows the jet to have a longer range. The high gross weight version has a lower cargo capacity because the extra fuel tanks take up space in the cargo area. More information on the difference between the BGW and HGW models are located on the Boeing 717-200 specifications page. Below is an overview on the range of the two Boeing 717-200 versions. A range map for the BGW version is also located below.

Boeing 717-200 Range Basic Gross Weight (BGW) Version:

  • Range: 1,430 nautical miles, 1,645.615 statute miles or 2,645 kilometers

Boeing 717-200 Range Map BGW Version

Above Boeing 717-200 Range Map from Atlanta Airport ICAO: KATL, FAA: ATL 

Boeing 717-200 Range High Gross Weight (HGW) Version:

  • Range: 2,060 nautical miles, 2,370.61 statute miles or 3,815 kilometers

Boeing 717-200 Range Information Page Photo

Above Boeing 717-200 photo by Alf van Beem on Wikimedia Commons. Photo modified by FlyRadius.

Other Names for the Boeing 717-200 Range
The Boeing 717-200 aircraft has a few different names that it is called by. If you are flying on or learning more about the aircraft you will find the following names for the airplane:

  • Boeing B-717-200 Range: the B-717 is used by many, including the FAA, to refer to the Aircraft.
  • Boeing B712 Range: B712 is the ICAO code for the airplane that is used by air traffic controllers, airlines and others. More information on this will be posted later.
  • Boeing 717 Range (with out the -200): Many call the 717-200 just the 717, which is the main aircraft program the plane is in (the only plane in the 717 program). 717 is also the IATA code for the jet aircraft.