Below are the details on the Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Specifications and Dimensions. Our team has gathered all the specifications from various sources with information on the turboprop. Also note that the King Air C90GTx is referred to as the King Air C90GTi by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) because the C90GTx is just an improved version of the C90GTi. The Beechcraft King Air C90GTx dimensions are located near the bottom of the page.

Beechcraft King Air C90GTx General Specifications

  • C90GTi was approved by the FAA on December 13, 2007.
  • Beechcraft King Air C90GTx was launched in 2009.
  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is used for max weight increases on the C90GTx (SA10747SC).
  • Standard Seating: 1 pilot and 7 passengers.
  • Optional Seating: 1 pilot and up to 9 passengers.
  • Maximum Number of Seats Approved by the FAA: 13 seats.
  • Equipped with lavatory at the rear of the aircraft.
  • Serial Numbers: LJ-1964, LJ-1966, LJ-1968, LJ-1972, LJ-1977 thru LJ-2003 and LJ-2004 and up.

King Air C90GTx Specifications - Performance
KCAS = Knots Calibrated Airspeed. CAS = Calibrated Airspeed. KIAS = Knots Indicated Airspeed. MPH CAS= Miles Per Hour (Calibrated Airspeed).

Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Speeds:

  • Maximum Operating Speed: 229 KCAS, 226 KIAS or 260 MPH CAS.
  • Maneuvering: 169 KCAS, 169 KIAS or 195 MPH CAS.
  • Flaps Extended Speed: 140 KCAS, 148 KIAS or 161 MPH CAS (fully down flaps).

Maximum Landing Gear Operating Speed:

  • Extension: 182 KCAS, 182 KIAS or 209 MPH CAS.
  • Retraction: 164 KCAS, 163 KIAS or 189 MPH CAS.

Maximum Landing Gear Extended Speed: 182 KCAS, 182 KIAS or 209 MPH CAS.

Maximum Cruise Speed: 272 knots or 504 kilometers per hour (km/h)

Maximum Operating Altitude or Service Ceiling: 30,000 feet or 9,144 meters.

Range: 1,127 nautical miles or 2,087 kilometers with 4 passengers. More information and scenarios on the range of the Beechcraft King Air C90GTx can be found on our upcoming C90GTx range page.

Takeoff / Landing Performance

  • Takeoff Distance: 1,984 feet or 605 meters (Maximum Takeoff Weight - MTOW).
  • Landing Distance: 2,100 feet or 640 meters (Maximum Landing Weight – MLW).

Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-135A turboprop engines with 550 shaft horsepower (shp) each. More information on the engines can be found on our upcoming engine page.

Propeller: 2 Hartzell HC-E4N-3N propellers. Diameter: 90 inches.

Avionics: Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite.

A Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Specifications and Dimensions Photo

Above King Air C90GTx Dimensions - Specifications photo by FlyRadius. Original photo by Peter Bakema on Wikimedia Commons. Original photo released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Dimensions

King Air C90GTx External Dimensions:

  • Maximum Height: 14 feet 3 inches or 4.34 meters (at the top of the tail).
  • Maximum Length: 35 feet 6 inches or 10.82 meters.
  • Wingspan: 53 feet 8 inches or 16.36 meters (can also be considered the width).
  • Wheelbase: 12 feet 3 inches or 3.73 meters.
  • Tail Span: 17 feet 3 inches or 5.26 meters.
  • Track: 12 feet 9 inches or 3.89 meters (distance between the two main landing gear wheels).

Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Dimensions - Interior:

  • Length: 12 feet 7 inches or 3.84 meters
  • Interior Width: 4 feet 6 inches or 1.37 meters
  • Height: 4 feet 9 inches or 1.45 meters.

Baggage Capacity: 48.3 cubic feet or 1.37 cubic meters

Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Specifications - Weights:

  • Maximum Baggage Weight: 350 pounds or 159 kilograms.
  • Maximum Ramp Weight: 10,560 pounds or 4,790 kilograms.
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 10,485 pounds or 4,756 kilograms.
  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 9,378 pounds or 4,254 kilograms.
  • Maximum Landing Weight (MLW): 9,832 pounds or 4,460 kilograms
  • Basic Operating Weight: 7,270 pounds or 3,298 kilograms (with 1 pilot).
  • Maximum Payload Weight: 2,108 pounds or 956 kilograms.
  • Useful Load: 3,290 pounds or 1,492 kilograms.

Beechcraft King Air C90GTx Specifications – Fuel / Oil:

  • Fuel Type: Jet A, Jet A-1 and other fuels.
  • Oil Capacity: 18.4 quarts total.
  • Fuel Capacity: 384 US gallons, 2,573 pounds or 1,167 kilograms.
  • Usable Fuel is the same as above fuel capacity.

Also note that the these specification and dimensions may also be called the Beechcraft BE9L specifications - dimensions because BE9L is the ICAO code for the aircraft.