FlyRadius provides a range of aviation services through FlyRadius LLC. By combining our aviation research with our capability of locating hard-to-find aircraft and parts, we look to help you move forward in the aviation industry.

FlyRadius Aviation Services Logo

FlyRadius Aviation Services provides the following services for commercial and general aviation aircraft:

  • Aircraft Purchases and Leasing
  • Aircraft Financing
  • Aircraft Parts – Engine Sales and Major Components
  • Locating Hard-to-Find Aircraft and Parts
  • Aviation Industry Research
  • Airline Operations Consulting
  • Services and solutions for all of the aircraft featured on the FlyRadius site. See a list here.

If you need help with an aviation need, please contact us.

You can also call us at +1 (307) 655-1359 (United States). International Calls Accepted. 

Our Team

FlyRadius Aviation Services is led by David Aughinbaugh II, who serves as FlyRadius’ Strategy and Research Analyst. David is focused on ensuring that FlyRadius’ services provide outstanding value to our clients.

Our Focus

Helping aviation companies move forward with innovative solutions. We focus on connecting our clients with the solutions that are need to help them move past their goals.

A Boeing 717-200 Volotea on the FlyRadius Aviation Services Page

Above Volotea Boeing 717-200 photo by André Wadman on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2. FlyRadius Aviation Services can help clients with the acquisition of aircraft like the Boeing 717. Learn more about our services for the aircraft on our for sale page and for lease page.