HondaJet Specifications

Below are the current specifications for the HondaJet. This data comes directly from the Honda Aircraft Company. Since the HondaJet is still in flight testing, the HondaJet Specifications information below is not confirmed/final. This page will be updated once the HondaJet enters into service.
HondaJet Specifications - HondaJet Cockpit and Flight Deck
  • Garmin G3000 (changed from the original plan for the G1000)
  • all-glass flight deck with full information integration
  • Dual Primary flight Displays (PFD)
  • Central multi-function Display (MFD)
  • Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology
  • Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot/Flight Director (Not Confirmed)

HondaJet Specifications - N420HJ in Flight

Above HondaJet Specifications - N420HJ in Flight Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

HondaJet Specifications - HondaJet Cabin for Passangers
  • HondaJet Executive seating for four in classic club configuration and single-place divan fully-adjustable leather seats, folding tray.
  • HondaJet Tables, and power window shades.
  • Dropped aisle enhances ease of movement about the HondaJet cabin
HondaJet Cabin Dimensions - HondaJet Dimensions
Height: 4.83 feet or 1.47 meters
Width: 5.00 feet or 1.52 meters
Length: 17.80 feet or 5.43 meters
HondaJet Lavatory - Bathroom Specifications
  • Fully private aft HondaJet lavatory
  • Flushing HondaJet toilet (externally serviceable)
  • Black marble vanity with elegant cobalt
  • Blue washbasin
  • Coat and magazine storage areas
HondaJet Baggage Compartments
Nose compartment
  • 9 cubic feet of space, externally accessible
Aft compartment
  • 57 cubic feet of space, externally accessible
HondaJet Performance Specifications
  • HondaJet Maximum Cruise speed at FL300 (30,000 feet): 420 ktas
  • HondaJet Service Ceiling: FL430 (43,000 feet)
  • HondaJet Rate of Climb: 3,990 feet/minute
  • HondaJet range: 1,180 nm (nautical miles) IFR
  • HondaJet Takeoff Distance: 3,120 feet
  • HondaJet Landing Distance: 2500 feet
HondaJet Engines Specifications
  • Manufacturer / Model: GE Honda / HF-120
  • Output: 1,880 lb/each
  • Bypass ratio: 2.9

External Dimensions

  • Height: 13.21 feet or 4.03 meters
  • Length: 41.70 feet or 12.71 meters
  • Span: 39.87 feet or 12.15 meters
HondaJet Payload Specifications 
  • HondaJet Passengers: 1 crew plus 5 passengers. Optional configuration: 1 crew plus 6 passengers.
  • HondaJet Baggage Compartment: 66 cubic feet