HondaJet Dimensions

HondaJet Dimensions

Below are the preliminary HondaJet Dimensions. When Honda Aircraft achieves certification, the official HondaJet Dimensions will be posted.

  • HondaJet Height: 14.97 feet or 4.56 meters
  • HondaJet Wing Span: 39.76 ft or 12.12 meters
  • HondaJet Length: 42.69 feet or 13.01 meters

HondaJet Cabin Dimensions (HondaJet Interior Dimensions):

  • Cabin Height: 4.80 feet or 1.46 meters
  • Cabin Length: 17.80 feet or 5.43 meters
  • Cabin Width: 5.00 feet or 1.52 meters

HondaJet Dimensions - Baggage:

HondaJet External Baggage Capacity: 66 cubic feet

The HondaJet Dimensions are also referred to as the Honda Jet Dimensions, HA-420 Dimensions and the HDJT Dimensions.

HondaJet Dimensions Photo

Above HondaJet Dimensions Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.