Hawaiian Airlines Updates Boeing 717-200 Interiors

March 5th, 2015

Hawaiian Airlines has completed a renovation of the interiors of one the 18 Boeing 717-200 jets that the company flies. One of the main improvements in the cabin is the introduction of new "slim line" lightweight seats. The seats are leather with teal coloring and purple accents. Hawaiian Airlines officially calls the colors sky blue and fuchsia. The seats are built by Acro Aircraft Seating Ltd and have aluminum tray tables called a "tablet table". The tablet table is a small tray table that is supposed to fit a drink and a tablet computer. The airline is currently operating 5 different configurations and plans to operate one configuration with this retrofit. All Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 aircraft will have 128 seats in this new configuration. The company plans to complete the renovations on the all of the 717jets by then end of 2015.

hawaiian airlines updates boeing 717 200 interior

hawaiian airlines logo

Above photo by Hawaiian Airlines. Used under the fair use provision.