Airbus and Recaro To Offer A320 Family Direct Economy Seat Options

Recaro and Airbus have agreed to provide, for the first time, a direct option for economy seats on the Airbus A320 series jets. Airbus calls this "supplier-furnished-equipment"or SFE. SFE is when Airbus directly provides the seats to the customer / airline. Previously the A320 series only had a "buyer-furnished-equipment" (BFE) seat option. In a BFE situation, the customer would order the seats from a seat manufacturer and provide it for installation. Recaro Aircraft Seating is creating a new seat called the 3530Swift, that will be the first economy seat on the A320 series that is SFE. Airbus claims that considerable time will be saved with this SFE offering because the seats will be pre-approved and certified for the jets. Airbus will continue to offer BFE seats with this new SFE seat.

The 3530Swift is the new SFE economy class seat from Recaro that is based on the current BL3530. Customers will be able to customize the seat with power ports and other options.

airbus recaro sfe seats a320

Above photo by Airbus. Used under the fair use provision.